Frequently Asked Questions

Metro Coin & Banknote Company Ltd. is Toronto's coin and banknote dealer. We buy and sell coins, banknotes, gold, silver and collectables.

Do I need an appointment?
There is no need for an appointment, come in anytime we are open!

Where are you located? (What are you near)
We are conveniently located in west Toronto at 722 Annette Street, off Jane Street and just a couple streets up from Bloor. Weíre close to public transportation and there is plenty of on-street parking available. See our directions page for more information.

What do you buy?
We buy all gold, silver, and platinum, most old coins, and paper money, tokens, medals, militaria, stamps, comic book, sports cards, broken and unwanted gold and silver jewelry, and more!

Are my coins silver?
Canada 50 cents and dollars from 1967 and earlier are 80% silver, dimes and quarters from 1966 and earlier are 80% silver. Dimes and quarters from 1967-1968 are 50% silver (although some of the 1968 coins contain no silver). United States dimes, quarters, and halves from 1964 and earlier are 90% silver. Halves from 1965-1970 are 40% silver. For world silver coins, we invite you to visit the store for a free evaluation.

What do you need most?
We are always buying coins, banknotes, gold, and silver! Some of the items always on our want-lists are silver and gold coins, gold and silver bars, estate jewellery, sterling silver cutlery, Montreal Olympic coin sets, 1967 Centennial gold and silver coin sets, Canadian paper money, rolls of coins, Royal Canadian Mint collector coins, Franklin Mint silver, and much more. And remember, you donít need an appointment!

How much is my jewellery worth?
Itís always best to bring your items in for a free, no-obligation assessment. Gold and silver jewellery values are affected by the ever-changing precious metal market, which is why itís best to deal with a reputable dealer like Metro Coin & Banknote who will offer the best price possible.

What is the best way to invest in coins?
Metro Coin and Banknote has a large selection of high quality gold, silver, and copper independently graded and verified that are suitable for any investment portfolio. There is no charge for our advice and recommendations in setting up any size investment portfolio.

Do you take credit cards?
We accept major credit cards on all purchases, excluding bullion items where guaranteed funds are necessary. For the best price, cash is encouraged.

How much do appraisals cost?
There is no charge for a simple verbal appraisal or estimate. For written appraisals the fee varies depending on the amount of time needed. For large collections, itís best not to visit right at closing.

Do you travel or come to homes or banks to purchase collections?
For more valuable or large collections we will sometimes travel to a clientís home or bank.

Are older coins worth more than newer coins?
Age does not make a coin worth more or less, but rather the amount made that year, the number surviving, and the popularity of the coin. Many coins over a thousand years old are worth less than $10.

Should I clean my coins?

Never clean your coins! Cleaning coins always lowers their value.

Policy on buying procedures.
People selling must be 18 years or older and itís important to have proper identification.

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