Canadian and World Coins

Metro Coin & Banknote Company Ltd. is Toronto's coin and banknote dealer. We buy and sell coins, banknotes, gold, silver and collectables.

Canada Coins
Metro Coin & Banknote is buying and selling all types of Canadian coins, including silver coins from 1967 and earlier, such as $1 Dollar, 50 cent halves, 25 cents quarters, 10 cents dimes & 5 cent nickel coins. Other coins we are interesting in buying and selling include United States silver & gold coins, Morgan & Peace dollars, proof and mint sets, and early Canadian & United States coins. We are interested in all coins, from common coins such as buffalo nickels and wheat cents, to rare coins such as $20 Gold Pieces and bust dollars. If youíre not sure whether your coin is valuable or not, let us have a look.

Worldwide Coins & Banknotes
Metro Coin & Banknote buys and sells all Foreign and Worldwide Coins & Paper Money. Collectors, both just starting out and "old time" specialists, can find something of interest to them. Copper, silver and gold coins comprise our large stock. Included in the inventory is a large selection of Canadian coins and paper money.

Bullion Coins
Metro Coin & Banknote is always interested in buying all types of silver and gold bullion bars and coins, including Canadian Maple Leafs, American Gold Eagles, Kruggerands, Sovereigns, and Proof Gold and Silver coins. We also buy and sell Gold $20 Saint Gaudens, Liberty coins, and Indians. We are especially interested in gold and Silver Maple Leafs, American Eagles, and rounds, .999 Gold and Silver bars, and sterling bars and rounds.

Certified Coins
Metro Coin & Banknote carries a large selection of certified coins, International Coin Certification Service (ICCS), Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), and Canadian Coin Certification Service (CCCS). Metro Coin & Banknote will help you submit to these companies for grading and verification. We are always interested in buying all coins from Canada, United States, and World coins graded by ICCS, CCCS, NGC and PCGS.

Royal Canadian Mint Collector Coins
Metro Coin & Banknote is an active buyer and seller of the Royal Canadian Mintís collector coins. These finely-crafted works of art can make a perfect gift for holidays and milestones such as birthdays, weddings, births, and graduations. Give something that can be treasured a lifetime.

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